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1) You have to post ALL the rules 
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3) Choose 12 people
4) Legitimately tag these people
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6) Tag backs are ALLOWED

Tagged by: FannWege 

1. if you could choose to skipp over a part of ur life, when would it be?
I wouldn’t :)

2. Age?
14 years old. Turning 15 pretty soon.

3. Fav oc of urs
Euphx (never drawn her) and Sakuhana (haven’t draw her re-design yet)

4.fav character from a show
Sakura Haruno (Naruto) naruto gif Sakura Haruno naruto gif Sakura Haruno 

5. Would you rather be vegan for a week and get 10 000 or vegetarian and get 1 000 ?
I’d rather be vegan for a week and get 10 000

6. Fav school subject
English and art (I’m best at those two as well lel)

7. Fav drink

8. Best ship
KACCHAKO (Bakugou x Uraraka [BNHA]) AND NARUSAKU (Naruto x Sakura [Naruto]) FTW

9.are you gay or are you gay? ;) (Wink)
Lol I’m nothing right now

10. What am I doing 
Living? Reading this? Talking about sticks? Tagging me for the idk how manyth time?

My questions~

1. Favourite Shonen Anime? 

2. Are you in more than 10 fandoms?

3. Warm or cold colours?

4. Lucky number?

5. Favourite series opening/ending?

6. Apple pie or nah?

7. Contract? I can make a wish come true! All you have to do is sign a contract and become a magical girl!  PMMM - Kyubey Creepy  (No don’t do it, it’s a trap)

8. Favourite DDLC character?

9. Do you like sticks?

10. Sun or moon?

11. Which Asian language would you want to learn?

12. Gotta catch ‘em all?

Friends that I tag: FannWege (tag ya back) Oootube2000 Yutaiii (lol sorry) HikariYamika (this is not me) Honesty idk who to tag right now... lel 

The light never shines

But someday it might

Now I'm blind

But somehow 

I can still see

I don't know why

But someday, somehow I might

There is no sound

But someday there might be

I should be deaf

But somehow 

I still hear

I don't know why

But someday, somehow I might

There is no smell

Someday there might be

Then how come I smell something?

I somehow do

I don't know why

But someday, somehow I might

My tongue cannot taste

But someday it might

But I taste something

And I still don't know why

Someday, somehow I might

I cannot feel

Someday I might

But I do feel

I somehow can feel

I don't understand how or why

But someday, somehow I might

I'm dead

Someday I was going to die

That I knew

Then why 

Do I see, hear, smell, taste and feel?

I do know why

It's because I am alive

Second attempt a writing a poem. Still inspired by DDLC. What do you think? I don’t think I’m really cut out for poetry...

It is dark outside

Because it is night

But I'm not inside

Because I'm searching

For that one little light

A smile so bright

It creates day after night

So what do you think? It’s my first attempt at writing a poem. I was inspired by DDLC

Character: Haruno Sakuhana

The Naruto Mary Sue Litmus Test

Give yourself one point per "yes" answer unless otherwise indicated. Be honest--if you’re not, you’ll never improve. A few points doesn’t necessarily make a Mary Sue. Remember that canon females can be turned into Sues as well. If you’re curious about the Sue status of a canon character, either replace "OC" with the character’s name or wait until a Canon Sue test gets put up. If you reach any variant of "stop now," then your character is beyond hope and needs put out of our its misery. Said points have been seen more than once in known badfic and Sue stories already.

First things first:  
Is your OC’s name your name, your nickname, or your screenname? If so, stop now and delete yourself. Do not, do not, do not name your OC after yourself.

Is the OC’s name one you’d like to have? 

Does the OC have an English/Westernized name?
Or a name taken from another anime or game's main characters?  

Are they named after one of their parents?
Who happens to be another OC?
  • If you name the opposite-gendered OC parent the same thing as the kid (NO, damn it, Itachi's mother's name is not Itachi), then stop here--at least until you find a Japanese name generator. No

  • Does the OC have the same habits, hobbies, or interests as you? Interest in the Naruto series doesn’t count. No

    Do you think that the OC can't possibly be a self-insert because they're more (fill in blank: intelligent, talented, beautiful, wonderful, overage, etc.) than you? No

  • Do you take it as a personal insult if someone doesn’t like your OC? No

    Is the OC described as exceptionally beautiful? No
    Would you like to look like the OC? No way... I don’t want pink hair
    Would you want to be the OC? No 
    Do you sometimes pretend you’re the OC? Uhm no?
    Have you cosplayed as the OC before? Nope
    Because you like them better than & think they're cooler than any canon character? If so, stop here. Hell no

    If someone physically hurts or kills themselves because the OC is so beautiful, stop here. No what the heck?

    Does the OC's physical description match yours? No not really
    Exactly or almost exactly? If so, stop here. No

    Have you drawn or commissioned others to draw the OC for you? I have drawn her once myself but I already changed her design. Besides I never do comissions because I don’t have enough points anyway
    More often than any other character? Haha no

    Did the OC fall from, step through a portal from, or otherwise come from this 'verse into Narutoverse? If so, stop here.  No
    You’re still reading, aren’t you? Pfft
    If the from-our-'verse OC has knowledge of Naruto canon and makes use of it to their advantage, delete yourself. Haha no 

    If the OC is American or from another country that speaks something other than Japanese but, once inserted into Naruto canon, can suddenly and magically speak Japanese, stop here. No

    Is the OC an alien from another planet? Wait this exists?
    And breathes normal air okay? Of course she does?!
    And happens to look exactly or almost exactly like a human? wAt I’m confused
    Only prettier? Stop here. Uh... I’m scared...

    Are they a defector from another village? No
    And are now trusted to go out on missions where the lives of their new village's people may rest in their hands? Three points. Noooo
    And/or have attained high rank or positions of trust? Stop here and read up on sleeper agents while considering what it means from a military perspective to have abandoned one's village. Remember the wreck Kabuto caused. Hell no

    Does the OC have an over-the-top hair color or colors? For example, rainbow hair, silver (not gray) hair, black hair with purple and red streaks, green hair with blue tips, etc.? A point per hair color. Two more if their hair changes color. Three if they can make their hair grow longer at will. Nooo wth
    Does the OC have waist-length hair or longer? No it’s halway her back
    Does the OC have eyes of a color not typically found in nature? No
    Do the OC’s eyes change color? Three points. No
    With their mood? Two more. Wt
    Does the OC's eyes have differently-colored rings? A point per ring. No
    Do the OC's eyes have stars, moons, or other odd shapes in the iris or pupil? No
    Does the OC have two differently colored eyes?
  • If one eye is a Sharingan eye and the other is a Byakugan, step away from the computer.  Now. No

    Are the OC's "faults" things that, upon examination, aren't really faults at all? Eyes are too large, lips are too full, eyelashes are too long, skin is too strangely perfect, breasts are too big for their tiny little waists, so on? 
    Minus three point if the OC is really a freak with HH boobies that've permanently nuked its spine, insect eyes, and duck lips. This actually sounds entertaining. No
    Does the OC’s clothing have nothing to do with practicality, even though they claim to be a l337 an elite ninja? (Does it involve a tube top, a bikini top, a miniskirt, high heels, expanses of bare skin like you'd see in a club in a movie, fluorescent/shiny clothing while being tracked by ANBU, etc.?) No

    If you need to spend two or more full consecutive paragraphs describing your character and/or their clothing, stop here. No
  • If it’s one gigantic block paragraph, you lose at the internets.  
  • If you don't know what constitutes a block paragraph, please stop writing until you learn.

    Do you use the term (or a variant of) "curves in all the right places" to describe them? I don’t think I’d ever use that term... so no

  • Would you consider the OC sexy? No... wth?
    Do the canon characters? No 
    Add a point for any of these characters if they find the OC hopelessly attractive:
  • Neji
  • Sasuke
  • Gaara
  • Orochimaru
  • Itachi
  • Any other Akatsuki member
    Add two points every time the phrase (or a variant thereof) "S/he didn’t know why, but they couldn’t stop thinking about (the OC)" comes up.
    Add one more if almost the only thing the canon character really can think about is the OC/sex with the OC. Nooooooooooo omg whyyyy

    If lust for the OC makes a canon character attempt to rape them, five points. No
    If the canon character succeeds, ten points. Nooo
    If you think that it wasn't rape because the OC enjoyed it, even though they screamed, struggled, and/or said no, stop here and immediately go volunteer at a battered women's shelter. Also, you fail at humanity. Pfft I agree with that.YOU FAIL AT HUMANITY if this is the case

    Would you have sex with the OC? WTF NO
  • Two points if the answer is a variation of "Yes, but they might kill me because they’re so powerful." Wt
  • Would the OC kill you afterward because being an assassin/whore/combination of the two is their job? NO

    Is the OC old but young in appearance? No
    Is the OC immortal? No
    Does the OC angst about being immortal? No
    As a way of making their love interest fall for them? No
    Though much older than the canon characters due to their immortality, does the OC still have a romantic/sexual relationship with them? Nooo

    Does the character return from a hiatus--a summer, a few years of being missing, a time jump on the part of the author--dead sexy? Nope

    Does the character return from a hiatus more powerful than anyone would have ever expected? No
    With a nickname? No
    Is the nickname in Japanese/does the nickname require a translation? No
    Because you think it sounds cooler that way? No
    Does the translation make sense? Get someone to check. If you’ve mistranslated your own character’s nickname, stop here. No

    Do people that ridiculed the OC before suddenly feel like idiots? No
    Does the OC ridicule people who ridiculed them before? No wAt
    And have everyone around join in or be awed by their snark? A point for either/each. Nooo

    Does the OC have an amazing singing voice? Nah she’s avarage like me
    And dancing ability? Avarage. Unlike me I mean dancing is my sport
    Are they singing/dancing in a way that takes a good while for most people to learn, but they just do "naturally"? Research is your friend here. No she does not do dancing or singing in the first place no one in the Narutoverse really does
    Do they show off at a talent show or anything closely resembling a talent show? Five points. No. This is Naruto right?
    And pick up their love interest by doing so? Five more. Are we really still talking about Naruto?
    While performing songs that weren’t made by them? If so, stop here.
    Side note: Belly dance is not stripping and not about being a sex object for men, no matter the underwear-clad girls on youtube doing half-assed hip circles. If you've conflated these things then stop writing, go to, and present yourself to the ladies there for a well-deserved beating. No

    Does the OC have an outstandingly special speaking voice--especially melodic, seductive, etc.? No...?

    Is the OC especially proficient with weapons? A point for each weapon they're great with or system they've supposedly mastered. Sakuhana does master Kenjutsu at some point so one point for twin katana’s
  • Are they even though they said they aren't good with it? No
  • Are they even though they said they've never used the weapon before/aren't sure how to use it/are supposedly super-clumsy? If so, stop here. No

    Does the OC have an inhuman healing ability? No
    Brought out by their proximity to their love interest? No

    Does the OC become a fourth team member? Five points. Only in the first two volumes/chapters which isn’t much in the story besides I tried to make it as realistic as possible so 2,5 points.
    Is the OC’s love interest a member of the team they’re on? Yes but only much later on her official team.
    Is everyone else on the team either jealous or in love with the OC as well? No

    Does the OC take the place of a canon character (either entirely or just within a team)? No
    Is it a female OC replacing a female canon character? Three points. No
    Because you hate the being-replaced female canon character? Three more. No

    If the OC is inserted directly into Narutoverse canon and nothing changes around them--the introduction scene with Kakashi is still essentially the same, the first mission is the same, etc.--then stop here, research the butterfly effect, and learn to work on originality. No. Her existence DOES cause a butterfly effect. For example Sakura’s introduction changes and she will say ACTUAL WORDS

    Does the OC claim to be too good to need a team? No
    Even though they were beaten down by another ninja and needed to be rescued just a short while before? No
    Were they rescued by their love interest? No

    Is the OC there primarily to be the love interest of a canon character? If so, ten points. No. Sakuhana ends up with another OC
  • If you would want to be the OC primarily because of their love interest, five more. No
  • Three points for every child the OC bears to a canon character/every child a canon character bears them. Oh hell...

    Is any other, canon love interest of the canon character done away with or turned into a complete bitch/bastard in order to facilitate the canon character and OC forming a relationship? No
    If you insist that Sakura/Ino/Hinata/whoever was a complete raging bitch before, stop here. Hah screw everyone who does this shit 

    Is the OC related to a canon character? Yes
    As their long-lost sibling? Three points. No
    As their long-lost twin? Five points. No
    As their long-lost identical twin of a different gender? Stop here. No
    Were they separated through a tale of angst and woe? No

    Is the OC the child of two canon characters? Yes
    Is the OC the child of two male parents? Five points. No

    Is the OC the child of a canon character and another OC? No
    The romance of which is detailed in another story? No

    Is s/he the "other" Uchiha that Itachi missed? Five points. No

    Does the OC win every battle they're in? Nope
    Except when the time comes for them to be saved (or smited) by their love interest? Three points. No

    Does being around the OC and their exceptional beauty make at least one canon female character insanely jealous? No

    Does being around the OC make an otherwise intelligent canon female character act like an idiot? Watch/read the written part of the chuunin exams arc again if you need help figuring out that Sakura really is intelligent. Hah no. Besides Sakura really is intelligent! Thanks for noticing pall.

    Does being around the OC make an otherwise intelligent canon male character act like a moron? See: Orochimaru, Kisame. No

    Does the story require that characters that don’t go together at all within canon pair up, just to meet up with the OC? Examples include Itachi and Orochimaru, Gaara and Itachi, Sasuke and Itachi--pretty much everyone but Kisame with Itachi--so on and so forth? No

    Does the OC bring religion into Narutoverse? Give yourself a point for each:
  • The OC wears a religious symbol that doesn't fit into canon, like a crucifix. No
  • The OC uses the religious symbols to summon, perform a technique, etc. No
  • You, the author, mention the OC's religion. No
  • The OC mentions their religion to others. No
    If the OC converts anyone, stop here. 

    Does the OC reform a villainous/cold character? Not sure. I will not a add point
    And make them swear to stop killing people? No
    Does the villainous/cold character fall in love with them? No
    Is it Gaara? No
    Do you make Gaara cry, you dirty, dirty bastard? No
    And (pre-time-jump) seal or otherwise remove Shukaku so he can sleep/snuggle with your OC? If so, stop here. What... do people actually make this?

  • Is it Itachi? No
    Do you make Itachi repent for killing his clan and pretend that he’s sane and not beyond sociopathic? Three points. No
    Do you conveniently forget that he’s a S-class missing-nin that killed his clan? Two points. No
    Is Kisame randomly kicked out of the picture (killed, put in a zoo, given another partner, etc.) to make room for the OC? Two more points. No

    Does the OC make Sasuke give up his quest to kill Itachi? No, she tried but ultmately failed

    Does the OC make Sasuke and Itachi see each other as brothers again and stop that silly revenge/smackdown business? No
    If the OC makes Sasuke and Itachi make out, stop here. wAt

    Does being around the OC make two otherwise canonically straight males suddenly realize and declare their love for each other?
  • If they promptly run off and make assbabies, stop here. Pffft I’d actually want to see this bwuahahs

    Does the OC have the same name and general appearance as a canon male character, just with a female form, thus making a sexual relationship with another male character not as scary to you? If so, stop here. No

    Does the OC prove their strength/ability by beating up someone? No
  • Is the someone a strong canon character? No
  • Is the someone a random person that attacks them for no reason? Two points. No

    Was the OC Gaara or Naruto’s "only friend" when they were a child? Five points, with special note to how Gaara would not have gone insane if he'd had someone to be friends with. No

    Does the OC cut themselves? No
  • If it's failed suicide attempts, three points. No
  • If the OC doesn't scar from the cutting, stop here. No
    Do they stop cutting when their love interest realizes it/tells them to stop? No
  • Are they cured from that point on?  No
  • Are they cured after their love interest proves they really do care! by kissing or having sex with them? If so, stop here.  Noooo

    Does the OC convince someone else to stop cutting? No
    Someone that doesn't cut in canon? (read: everyone) No
    Five points if it's Naruto doing the cutting. No
    Stop here if it's Gaara. (See: absolute defense) No (Gaara’s fricking sand will protect him anyway)

    Bloodline Abilities: 
    Does the OC have a new bloodline limit or ability that has never shown up in canon before? Nope 
    Is it a bloodline limit or ability to completely pwn all others--ability to copy other bloodline limits, ability to create an army out of thin air, ability to stop time, Kyukaku (the hybrid of Kyuubi and Shukaku)(yes, we've seen it), so on and so forth? No

    If the OC uses abilities they should not be able to, such as Pein's Rennegan? No
    Does the OC mix bloodline limits already found in canon? Three points. No
    If the OC may use both the Sharingan and Byakugan at will, stop now. No, but I honestly don’t see the problem with it. Kishimoto stated that this is possible. Besides if it’s told the right way it’s fine right?

    If the OC may learn bloodline limits from a family not their own, stop now. (There's a reason they're inherited.) No, this guy/gal is right

    Is the OC a vampire or were-critter? Three points.
  • If they're a "vampire" and sparkle, stop here. Nooo

    Is the OC half-vampire, half-something else? Five points. No

    Is the OC a dragon or half-dragon? Four points.nO

    If any variant of "all of the strengths, none of the weaknesses" comes up, five points. Omg noh

    Is the OC a jinchuuriki/do they have something sealed into them? Two points per sealed beastie. Nooo
  • Five more if they're in complete control of it/have no downside to using it. 
    Is the OC a demon or a half-demon? Five points, but kudos for using monsters from the Naruto universe. No
    That thus needs Naruto or Gaara to understand them? nO dAmMIT
    If the OC is a full demon, do they claim to be the mate of either Kyuubi or Shukaku? (Three points.) THIS EXISTS?
    Does the OC thus make either one, both of which are canids (in the dog family), purr? If so, stop writing and go learn some basic animal information. wHAt I’m confused

    Does the OC have wings/the ability to grow wings? Nonononooo
    If you think wings are ok because of the Sparklypoo-meteor village in the filler arc, five points. I haven’t even seen this filler yet I think
    (Five more points if you liked the filler arc, just on principle.)

    Can the OC fly? No

    Does the OC have cat/dog ears and/or a tail? Noo
    That don’t detract from their beauty in any way? Noh

    Is the OC telepathic/telekinetic? A point for either. No

    Can the OC change shapes in a way that’s not henge no jutsu? Nop
    Is their other shape their "demon's form"? Nop

    Can the OC talk to animals? Nop

    Does the OC have "familiars"? Noh

    Does the OC have a special summon-animal? Later, yes
    Is it a white tiger? Two points. No
    If whatever it is strongly resembles Kirara from Inuyasha, stop here. I haven’t seen Inuyasha yet

    Does the OC act your age as opposed to theirs? Note that this question applies to younger writers that age the canon characters in order to facilitate sexual relationships, marriages, etc. No

    Is the OC frequently witty/does the OC usually have a snappy comeback that puts witty characters to shame? No
    Did the snappy comebacks come from Buffy or another television show? No 

    Is your OC’s attitude/speech/personality modeled after that of another character in a book or television show? Be honest. No 

    Does the OC swear excessively as part of their "cool" or "hard" personality? No

    Does the OC try to teach generally uncaring characters manners?
    And succeed? No

    Does the OC use the concept of chivalry and how guys should treat girls as a defense? No
    Against a canonically bloodthirsty and cold character that for all intents and purposes shouldn’t care less? Bwuahaha the way how you worded this is funny but no
    And have it work? Nop

    Is the OC frequently concerned with their appearance? Nah 
    At times when being concerned with their appearance should be secondary to a major problem going on within the story? They’ve been declared a missing-nin, the bad guy just kidnapped a canon character, the village is burning down, etc.? No

    Does the OC frequently talk back to authority figures? No
    And have nothing come of it? No

    Do all characters like the OC? Definitely... not
    Except for characters you don’t like? I don’t like Hinata and yet they’re best friends and I still keep Hinata as in character as possible and she even has more ‘screen time’ than Ino. Does that answer this question?
    If you like a character that dislikes the OC, does that character see the error of their ways by the end of the story?

    If the OC is a foreigner, are they immediately accepted by whatever village they wander into? Wha- no

    Is the OC so nice and sweet that other characters hate them for it? Hm... Sakuhana ‘nice’ and ‘sweet’? HAHAHA no

    Is the OC so exceptionally badass that everyone's afraid of pissing them off? No

    Is the OC a spoiled brat? Nah
    Does the OC frequently get away with wreaking havoc/misbehaving? No
  • In a criminal fashion? (Destruction of property, pointlessly hurting bystanders/characters brought in as cannon fodder, so on.) No

    Does the OC try to make Kakashi stop reading Itcha Itcha Paradise? No
    And succeed? 

    Their Past: 
    Does the OC have a traumatic past? Nope
    Give one point for any of these things the OC has suffered:
  • Rape
  • Abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Sexual abuse at the hands of a family member/caretaker
  • Torture
  • Years of torture
  • Torture at the hands of at least one family member/caretaker
  • Broken home
  • Being orphaned
  • Being orphaned because someone murdered their clan/family
  • Being orphaned because Itachi murdered their clan/family
  • Being kicked out of their village
  • Being kicked out of their village for being too powerful (this includes suddenly becoming a jinchuuriki)
  • Having to grow up alone
  • Witnessing their family members being killed/raped (two points if it's both)
  • Finding out that Orochimaru was their father
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Being pregnant to their rapist
  • Miscarriage/having their baby die
  • Never being able to have kids again as a result of a miscarriage/sexual assault
    Four points if the OC's family members reject them for being attacked/being raped/cracking under years of torture/etc.; three if the OC simply never tries to go home because they're 100% certain their family will reject them.  
    Three more points if that's the last their family is mentioned.

    Does the OC constantly bring attention back to their angsty past? (Ie: "I'd enjoy the sunset . . . BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE I'M IMMORTAL, OH NOES!")
    Does the OC not react to their traumatic past in ways that a real person would? Do research on psychological scarring if you’re not sure. No, psychological scarring isn't the same as wangsting. 
  • If the OC has amnesia and thus doesn't remember their traumatic past, through "everyone" (or "everyone who matters") around them does and pities them for it, five points. 
  • If the OC’s family/clan was wiped out a relatively short while before, massive physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse wasn’t a factor, and the OC blows it off or doesn’t care, stop here.
  • If sex is used to "heal" the OC after they’re raped, then stop here. You fail at being a human being.
  • If the healing sex is with the person that raped them, then please kill yourself stop reading the bodice-rippers and look into getting some psychological counseling. This entire list a big fat NO

    Does the OC claim to be from a new hidden village? No
    Does the new village’s name indicate that the ninjas from there are exceptionally evil, badass, talented, frightening, or otherwise awesome? (Aka Hidden Village of Blood, Darkness, Dragons, Demons, Death, Sparkly-Poo, etc.?) No
    Does the OC claim to be the Kage of this hidden village? Three points. No
    Even though they were born in Konoha? No
    Are they Kage, not Gaara, and still in their teens? Three more points.No
    Or younger? If so, stop here.
  • Addendum: Does the OC refer to themselves as the "Hokage" of this other village? If so, you, author, are an idiot. Lol they made this mistake in Naruto online Baki says: It’s the Hokage’s orders but he means the Kazekage

    Has the OC attained the rank of genin/chuunin/jounin at an extremely young/exceptional age? No
    Does the OC refer to A or S-class missions as "easy"? HAHA wow I try viewing those from realistic angles and BOI am I glad I don’t live in this world

    Has the OC ever refused to test or rank up, even though "everyone" knows that they’re ready to/capable? No
    Did you make up a title for them to signify this? No
    Is the title a word that says means something completely different? No

    Does no one really know the OC's rank, because they're so badass everyone's afraid to ask them? No

    Redeem yourself! 
    Does the OC have a physical/mental/social handicap? Being too sweet, too beautiful, too selfless, or immortal isn’t a handicap. If you honestly say and believe this, stop now. Minus one if their handicap is real.  No
  • Add one if the handicap doesn’t hinder them the way it would an ordinary person. (This includes amnesia/sleeping through a long terrible healing process.) Do research if you're not sure about lasting effects.
  • Add two if the handicap is only mentioned once and then disappears or is healed.  
  • Add three if the handicap is magically cured through the power of true love (or the healing power of sex) by the end of the story. Also add three if the handicap only turns up when the OC needs saved by someone--and four if their savior is their love interest. Nooopeee

    If a neutral beta that you can trust to be honest with you has gone through your work without mentioning any of the points from above, subtract a point. If they think a winged OC named Serenity Sparklypoo from the Hidden Village of Pookage is an original idea, you might want to look for a new beta.

    If the OC is not the focus of the story--introduced as part of a mission rather than a new main character, the story isn't through their POV the majority of the time, and most importantly, canon does not warp around them/to suit them--then subtract two points.  

    If you as an author have gone back into your story to correct misspellings or discrepancies with canon, subtract two points. We might like you after all!

    If your character still has reached a "stop here" point and you still insist they’re not a Sue, give those points right back.


    So far, the tentative scoring system is this: 

    Under 12 - Not too bad! Most characters will score a couple of points - it's no big deal. It’s either 7,5 or 8,5 but hey! I’m actually seriously terrified now by all that the people in this fandom have done... right now I just wanna hide under my blanket and try not to imagine what any of these would look like... Brrr... 
    12-16 - Things are starting to get scary, but there's still hope for the OC's rehabilitation.
    17-21 - You're in extremely dangerous territory, shinobi. Your character needs a severe overhaul, and may not make it out alive.
    22 and over - If it looks like a Sue, and acts like a Sue, and comes up this high on the scale . . . Then it's a Sue. Sorry. I don't see how you missed any "stop here" points.
- You have to post ALL the rules.
- Answer 10 questions that you have been asked then create 10 more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
- Choose 10 people. 
- Legitimately tag these 10 people.
- You can't say you don't do tags. (Also, if you don't do tags, then you don't have to do it and yeaH

1 favourite character in a book you've read?
Mariko Hattori (Flame in the Mist, it's a real book and it's really good! I have it in English at home)

2 what was your favourite cartoon when you were smol?
Hmm when I was really smol I loved to watch Dora (Dutch version)

3 favourite game song?
I kind of like the opening of the first Danganronpa game

4 dumbest and weirdest thing you did when you were little?
It has something to do with my brothers nose in my mouth... Sakura (Creeped) [V1] naruto gif  Sakura  Haruno 

5 CAN you open the door? 
Hmm can I? 

6 who was the first person you subscribed to on YouTube?

7 favourite drink?

8 do you believe in ghosts ?

9 fav da account ?
naruto gif Sakura Haruno Sakura Haruno naruto gif sarada  uchiha naruto gif sarada  uchiha Don't feel like tellin' ya =P (don't mind me withball those Sakura and Sarada GIFs)

10 best friends here on DeviantArt?
FannWege Oootube2000 Csokaka and more

My questions:

1. Can you sing?

2. What would you wanna be with Halloween?

3. Hardest thing to draw?

4. Eye colour?

5. Do you get scared easilly?

6. What is your first language?

7. Super strength or being able to fly?

8. Yellow or Purple?

9. Best cartoon/anime opening ever?

10. The best magical girl thing you've ever seen?

Tags: Again... you are allowed to consider yourself tagged when you read this. But you aren't obligated to.

- You have to post ALL the rules.
- Answer 10 questions that you have been asked then create 10 more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
- Choose 10 people. 
- Legitimately tag these 10 people.
- You can't say you don't do tags. (Also, if you don't do tags, then you don't have to do it and yeah)

1 worst embarrassment?
When I was a kid and went to Disney land with my parents, I wanted to grab my fathers hand while looking away. I ended up trying to grab the hand of someone else... It was so embarresing that I still remember

2 sexuality ?
Probably Straight and Demisexual

3 greatest inspiration of yours?
Aphmau and FannWege were the people who inspired me most. Now everything kinda inspires me

4 what do you use to draw?
Regukar pencils and some special pencils my mom and a friend of mine gave me

5 fav animal?
Wolves and Phoenix'

6 fav ice cream flavour?
Vanilla and Chocolate

7 fav ocs? (Of yours) 
Eupheria, Elizabeth, Taeko, Sakuhana and Mio (I have yet to draw Mio and Taeko)

8 night or day?

9 light or dark?

10. Are you crushing on someone here on da? 
Nah :<

My Questions:
1. What is your favourite pink haired female character from any game, tv-series, anime etc.?

2. Would you dye your hair? If yes, what colour? If no, why not?

3. Who is your DA Senpai?

4. What is your favourite game?

5. Favourite cookie flavour?

6. J-pop or K-pop?

7. Ninja, Huntsman/Huntress or Wizzard? (For reference, think about Naruto, RWBY and Fairy Tail)

8. Creepy or cute?

9. What is your fantasy name?

10. Favourite book/story? (Can be from Wattpad, Quotev,, Archive of our own, a real book, an urban legend y'know everything)

Friends that I tag: Feel free to consider yourself tagged when you read this. You don't have to
Tap. Tap. Tap.
The rain tapped on the window. She looked outside to find... nothing. Everyone had gone inside of their houses.
'That shouldn't be all too surprising...' she thought.
She calmy turned around and walked upstairs. She entered a room that she had claimed as hers. That will say... if he ever returns. Normally he would've been here. But now he isn't. Her brother. He went missing a few days ago. She sighed.
"Brother... please be alright" She whispered softly. As tears started to form in her eyes.
She looked at her desk. And grabbed a torn picture of her and her brother. One half of the picture was missing, showing only the foot of a little girl.
'Who... does that foot belong to?' She had questioned this many times before.
She silently put the picture back. And laid down on her bed. She closed her eyes and let the dream world embrace her.
A short story
This is merely a short story I writ to showcase my 'writing abilities' I made it up randomly. 
Sakuhana Haruno |Naruto OC|
Heya guys! It's been a while! And i'm too lazy to check all new arts you guys drew sorry eheh. Annnnd I kind of am obsessed with Naruto and my favourite character is Sakura! My least favourite are Hinata and Sasuke (this OC is best friends with Hinata so it does not affect my stories) except in Boruto... Hinata and Sakura are my favourite old-gen characters in Boruto.


Sakuhana is Sakura's younger sister. They are a lot alike and yet have their diffrences. 
They both are short tempered and only have one major diffrence: Sasuke (Sasuke and Sakuhana will NEVER really like eachother)

Name: Sakuhana Haruno
Nicknames: Pinkie, Hana
Clan: -
Age: 12
Nature type: Fire Release (affinity) Wind Release
Birthday, blood type and family are the same as Sakura's
Jutsu (except basic): Hananoken (never uses it untill Chūnin exams)

More detailed info is in the story (because the story is ongoing I cannot say much yet)

(This is for my story Blooming flower which can be found on both Wattpad and Quotev, it's an OC x OC btw and includes a lot of original content like a team 6)

PS: her head is too big
My Fairy Tail OC's look like ninja... I WATCHED TOO MUCH NARUTO BEFORE DRAWING THEM DAMMITSakura (Creeped) [V1] 
PS: you can hate Sakura all you want but honestly she's my favorite female character in shippuuden so far so shoooo
Ayeee it's ya girl Eupheria or Elizabeth Phoenix or Elyse or however whatever tf you know me as

what am I doin' right now idk this was random af
A humanisation of a pony OC from someone else Domino :V


-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged.
-Write 13 things about yourself.
-Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged.
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

I was tagged by: ChocoStyle 

13 things about me
I have Aspergers syndrom
2. I once safed the life of a baby duck
3. I'm Dutch
4. I have a twin brother
5. My favorite colour is yellow
6. I don't like Eren Jaeger for some reason
7. My favorite YouTuber is Aphmau (I have over 10 favorite YouTubers but if I had to choose it'd be Jess)
8. My RL name is Elyse but no one can say it right
9. The first Anime I watched as Anime is RWBY
10. My first friend on internet was FannyWFNAF (whose name was Fanny Wegefelt back then)
11. My hair is dark-blonde not brown
12. As a kid I only drew with bases (traditional of course)
13. I'm 14 years old

Questions from the person that tagged me :V
1. Who are your favourite artists on DA?
A: Idk I like a lot of artists

2. How did you discover DeviantArt?
A: I was looking Yandere Simulator skins up and sonI found DA

3. Which one is easier to you: digital art or traditional art?
A: Traditional, I still suck at using my drawing tablet and Autodesk Sketchbook

4. If you had 3 roomates, who would you choose?
A: Idk, atleast not Taro or Taeko, I don't want a Yandere~Chan/Kun killin' me

5. How would/do you nickname me?
A: Choko, because that's in your nameee right?

6. What fandom are you in? (the most important one)
A: According to my DeviantArt: FNAF, but my Quotev: Anime

7. What's your favourite planet? (Pluto doesn't count as a planet guys)
A: Venus and Mars 

8. Do you like coloring your art or letting it as a monochromatic sketch/doodle?
A: Depends if I want to or not 

9. What was the dumbest/craziest thing you've ever done as a child?
A: I was walking in Disney Land with my dad and I wanted to grab his hand, but it was a strange guy... my dad was walking behind me

10. If I turned into a cat in front of you, what would you do?
A: OMG SO CUTE! Wait... shouldn't I find a way to turn you back? Yea I probally should

11. (I'm running out of questions) Would you mind doing collabs/ art trades? =3 ("subtle me")
A: I love to do AT's i've never done any type of collab though

12. What do you do at night to prevent the attack of the closet monsters? If you don't do anything... TEACH ME MASTER.
A: Monsters don't fit in my closet Chica SWAG! (FNAF MMD icon) 

13. (uff last question) Your favourite book? 
A: Idk the English title but the Dutch title of the series is: De Grijze Jager

My questions
What's your favorite movie?
2. What's your favorite food?
3. Do you like cookies
4. Who is your favorite Jesus~Kun? (A character that's like Kirito from Sword Art Online)
5. What is your favorite mythical animal?
6. Do you believe in unicorns?
7. How many and which languages do you speak?
8. What is your Zodiac sign, and Chinese Zodiac sign?
9. What is your favorite song?
10. Yaoi, Yuri, both or neither
11. What type of Dere are you?
12. The first name that comes up in your head when I say: Tomato
13. What eye colour would you like to have?

(pretty random and some boring questions)

HikariYamika (I don't want to tag anyone so i'll just tag myself)

No one has to do it if they don't to
idk who to tag... lol

  • Listening to: Remote Control (English cover) JubyPhonic
  • Reading: Naruto fanfiction LOL
  • Watching: Naruto
  • Playing: Yandere Simulator
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Water
RWBY OC|Cassedy Yami
Art by this fabulous lady:…

The design isn't completely done yet ;)

Name: Cassedy Yami
Age: 19
Species: Human
Weapons: Bow and two daggers
Semblance: She can use the abilities of animals after touching them for atleast 15 seconds
Symbol: Fox
Team: Non yet

Personality: Bit of a double personality sometimes she's a Tsundere then a Kuudere overall she's pretty annoying and hyper unless a bird died or something like that, she's very bad at talking and lies all the time but she's bad at it like yea terrible, she get's very quiet and 'cool' when she's nervous or is around people she doesn't know, but not shy AT ALL

Likes: Animals, fighting for what's right, sleeping, cake, cake, cake and more cake
Dislikes: Swimming, grimm, books

Things she's good at: Running, sleeping (lol), eating cake, jumping high, talking (too) fast, her senses are pretty good
Flaws: Can't swim, says the wrong things at the wrong moments, sometimes lazy, motion sickness, usually says no at everything, falls asleep really quick, probally has Aspergers syndrom

Maybe I based her personality too much of myself XD
I must redesign that bow of hers and make some dagger and arrow designs and a symbol
Ok this includes spoilers sooo ye

At first glance I thought Emerald Secret was a but boring until I found out about 'strange things happening' and I realized... Aphmau had another good RP done, the last episodes are litterly making me flip because:
Ein is evil
Aaron is a werewolf, a frickin' Ultima werewolf
Aphmau killed Aaron 
Lady Irene??? 
Aaron lives 


Mind completely blown 
Aphmau is so amazing at being dramatic damn
  • Listening to: Belive in Myself
  • Reading: Fairy Tail
  • Watching: Aphmau Emerald Secret
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Potatoessss
My version of Ennard is still gonna be a girl OK? :V
Okay so I gotta be honest... Fairy Tail together with Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Attack on Titan and RWBY are the best animes I have watched so far.
Why you ask? Well because these were the only animes that kept me watching. Example: Tokyo Ghoul, I like it but I never actually finished the first season I still need to do that or Sword Art Online, meh it's okay however after the first season I kinda stopped halfway in the second season and continued on it a long time later now I still haven't finished it yet LOL.

For short: Most of the time I don't have enough patience to finish an anime

Now you must be wondering... why do you like Fairy Tail then? It's a super long anime! Well... simply because this anime was so good that I just had to watch the next episode like seriously I watched complete Fairy Tail (tgat includes FT Zero the crossover and the OVA's) + read all the manga that continues the story where the anime left of (simply because I was too exited to know how it continues) in one week yep one frickin' week.

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD (and also my top 5 opening songs)

Oh and I saw a picture of Wendy's dragonforce right before I started with Fairy Tail '2014' 

And when I found out Natsu was Zeref's little brother my mind was totally blown up

When I saw the actual importance of Lucy in Fairy Tail I started to get more exited too she's so lucky if you get what I mean LOL (hint: this has to do with the orgin of Lucy's name within the anime) 

Now I realise: Lucy was originally the main protagonist but now it's more like she and Natsu are like the main characters

Also... I love the opening songs here's my top 5:

5: Break out

4: Strike Back

3: Ashita wo Narase

2: Masayume Chasing

1: Believe in Myself

My favorite ending is Don't let me Down.... I just like that song 

Probally best critique on anime ya gonna get XD eey tell me guys? What's ya'll's favorite characters? Mine must be... wait I like most of the characters LOL well I must say it's probally Mavis and Zeref (I ship them so hard >.< it's canon too)
  • Listening to: Believe in Myself
  • Reading: Fairy Tail
  • Watching: Fairy Tail
  • Playing: Yandere Simulator
1) You have to post ALL the rules 
2) Answer 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged 
3) Choose 12 people
4) Legitimately tag these people
5) You can't say you don't do tags 
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED

Tagged by: FannWege 

1. if you could choose to skipp over a part of ur life, when would it be?
I wouldn’t :)

2. Age?
14 years old. Turning 15 pretty soon.

3. Fav oc of urs
Euphx (never drawn her) and Sakuhana (haven’t draw her re-design yet)

4.fav character from a show
Sakura Haruno (Naruto) naruto gif Sakura Haruno naruto gif Sakura Haruno 

5. Would you rather be vegan for a week and get 10 000 or vegetarian and get 1 000 ?
I’d rather be vegan for a week and get 10 000

6. Fav school subject
English and art (I’m best at those two as well lel)

7. Fav drink

8. Best ship
KACCHAKO (Bakugou x Uraraka [BNHA]) AND NARUSAKU (Naruto x Sakura [Naruto]) FTW

9.are you gay or are you gay? ;) (Wink)
Lol I’m nothing right now

10. What am I doing 
Living? Reading this? Talking about sticks? Tagging me for the idk how manyth time?

My questions~

1. Favourite Shonen Anime? 

2. Are you in more than 10 fandoms?

3. Warm or cold colours?

4. Lucky number?

5. Favourite series opening/ending?

6. Apple pie or nah?

7. Contract? I can make a wish come true! All you have to do is sign a contract and become a magical girl!  PMMM - Kyubey Creepy  (No don’t do it, it’s a trap)

8. Favourite DDLC character?

9. Do you like sticks?

10. Sun or moon?

11. Which Asian language would you want to learn?

12. Gotta catch ‘em all?

Friends that I tag: FannWege (tag ya back) Oootube2000 Yutaiii (lol sorry) HikariYamika (this is not me) Honesty idk who to tag right now... lel 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a huge fan of Naruto and many more things and I love a big variety of games, most of them being horror or MMO RPG.


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